Meghan Reilley

Hi! I am currently a freshman at high point university! Welcome to my blog 🙂

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First Semester Success


The Implications of Skim Reading In the twenty-first century, the average person has gone from reading extensively to only reading as a hobby. According to Maryanne Wolf, a professor of education at UCLA and author of “Skim Reading is the New Normal”, reading is becoming increasingly less popular since most believe it to be boring…

Valuable Lessons

Valuable Lessons This class has taught many valuable lessons throughout the semester. We created and maintained a blog, kept a journal, learned how to spend more time writing longhand, and so much more. Three valuable lessons I am going to be focusing on are limiting screen time, collaborating with classmates on wordplay day and playing…

The Negative Effects of Screen Time

The digital age has become more advanced every year. Kids these days are starting to use technology at a much younger age and are becoming very tech savvy. Screen time has become a huge issue in today’s society. Parents are afraid of the harmful effects of social media and by giving their children a phone…